About this Course
Said Nassoro
Said Nassoro Said is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA-T) and Assistant Lecturer at Moshi Co-operative University in Banking, Accounting and Finance Department. His academic competencies are in Financial Accounting and Reporting, Performance Management, Finance, Taxation, Computerized accounting, Auditing and Advanced Excel.
Course name:
CPA Review Classes
This class will allow you to prepare for different CPA classes. The classes offered include foundation, intermediate, and final levels. There will be also a rigorous problem solving sessions. All the recorded classes will be provided.
What you will learn:
You can choose all the subjects offered under foundation, intermediate, and final levels.

The price per subject is TZS 150,000/=

Subjects covered under foundation level:

A1: Quantitative Techniques, A2: Business and Management, A4: Cost Accounting, A5: Business Law, and A6: Business Economics.

Subjects covered under intermediate level:

B1: Financial Management
B2: Financial Reporting
B3: Auditing Principles and Practices
B4: Public Finance and Taxation
B5: Performance Management
B6: Management, Governance, and Ethics

Subjects covered under Final level:

C1: Corporate Reporting
C2: Auditing and Assurance Services
C3: Business and Corporate Finance
C4: Advanced Taxation
TZS 150,000.00
You should have been registered to NBAA.
Starts on:
30 Jul, 2021 11:00 PM +03:00
Ends on:
30 Oct, 2021 01:00 PM +03:00
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