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How it works

The proccess of getting you a private tutor is very simple and straight forward. You just need to do the following 4 steps

  1. Provide all details as requested by the form above
  2. SmartClass will filter amoung it's pool of private tutors and suggest to you the best tutors who will certainly solve your problem.
  3. Among suggested tutors, you get to choose the ones you prefer based on several attributes (tutoring rates, students review, teaching approach, location etc) and contact them to arrange a tutoring session. No limits of tutors to conatct.
  4. After completing a tutoring session, you will pay your tutor, and be given an online form to access your tutoring session

It's that simple

Why SmartClass

Research shows that the average teacher to pupil ratio is 1:40 in Dar es Salaam alone which is bigger than 1:20 according to UN. This means, one teacher is given responsibility to teach over 40 students at the same time irrespective of the students corresponding learning curves. This is absolutely an inefficient learning process as some students would understand the teacher while some won’t even get the fundamentals.

In a bid to solve the current decline in the pass rate of students across Tanzania, SmartClass has noticed that the most effecient way to impact knowledge to our numerous students is to facilitate a one-one tutoring platform.

And here it is


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What is SmartClass?

SmartClass is the leading leader in online education rendering personalized learning experiences to lots of students and business professionals in infinite subjects in Africa. SmartClass is an online platform that connects learners/students to very qualified and certified private tutors/experts both online and offline. SmartClass does this by capitalizing on big data analytics and using advanced algorithmic matching between students and tutors.

Learners/students can learn anything they want anytime, 24/7 from Academics, Agriculture, Business, IT, Languages, Beauty & Lifestyles, Cookery, Exams Preparations, Sports & Fitness, Special Needs, Music & Dance, Arts & Crafts, Elementary and Kindergarten.
Private tutors/experts can teach learners/students at student’s home, online or at an agreed place. SmartClass helps learners/students/parents to find and book the best private tutors/experts for ranges of subjects to reach their educational goals. Therefore, SmartClass provides an easier way to connect learners/students with experts.
SmartClass aims to support as many learners as possible to achieve their own learning goals. SmartClass targets to attract more than one million tutors in Africa who will be teaching more than 500 subjects.

Where are your offices and other important contact details?

Here is where we're physically located

University of Dar es Salaam.
UDBS Building, UDIEC Block,
Ground Floor, Room B213.
P. O. Box 36317,
Dar es Salaam,
How many tutors already registered?

We expect to attract more than 1 Million tutors by the end of 2019.

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