About this Course
Issa Kissongo
I am committed to provide you a sound foundation and effective learning experience. I love Mathematics and now living in Insurance world. I have spent almost 6 years working in Insurance including the insurance regulatory Authority in Tanzania. I am currently working in risk and compliance division in one of the largest insurer in Tanzania. I am also a member of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), Actuarial Sociaety of Tanzania (AST) with background in Actuarial science and Finance. Over the past six years, I have taught Advanced Excel to more than 200 students.
Course name:
Advanced Excel for Business Majors
This class will equip students in solving complex practical cases in business world using Advanced Excel and R.

This course is designed for students and workers majoring in financial related subjects such as actuarial science, accounting, finance, Banking, taxation, business administration, mathematics, statistics, economics, insurance, risk management, social protection and anyone interested in learning and applying advanced excel & R in their work or studies.
What you will learn:
At the end of this course, we anticipate students to learn the following:-
1. Understand the key functionalities of advanced excel & R;
2. Be able to apply advanced excel & R in solving complex issues at work or school;
3. Be familiar with various business processes in the financial sector and how to employ excel and R for efficiency purposes;
4. Understand how excel and R can be used in data analytics and modelling.
5. Understand how to create excel templates, graphs and formatting of worksheets.
6. Get familiar with advanced formulas in R and Excel
7. Get familiar with a basic VBA knowledge
TZS 40,000.00
Our tutor(s) will endeavour to ensure every participant obtain the desired outcomes. However, participants are expected to have a good prior understanding of the basic features available in Microsoft Excel and R. We will cover the basics on our first Modules.
Starts on:
08 Aug, 2021 11:00 AM +03:00
Ends on:
23 Aug, 2021 01:00 PM +03:00
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